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SMS Engineering, P.C., New York
Lead Abatement and Painting

SMS Engineering's staff of engineers has been in the lead abatement and steel painting industry for several years. We have been involved with some of the most expensive, prestigious and environmentally sensitive projects in the country. SMS offers lead abatement and painting services in the following areas:

Project Management

We can manage your project from award to completion, attending all meetings and preparing all of your project submittals, project correspondence, claims, change orders and schedules. Additionally, we can track and monitor your project costs to better assist you in completing your project on time and within budget.

Work Platform Design

We design all types of work platforms, scaffolding, containment support structures and various access platforms and walkways. All calculations are accompanied by computer generated engineering drawings, if requested. Our professional engineers are licensed in several states. If SMS is not licensed in your state, we will obtain a license for you.

QP-1/QP-2 Certification

We can assist any paint company in obtaining their SSPC QP-1/QP-2 certification. Please contact us for further information

Containment Design

SMS can prepare engineering drawings and ventilation calculations for all of your SSPC classes of containment. We will use our extensive knowledge in this area to maximize your efficiency and minimize cost.

Development of Plans and Technical Specifications

Our staff will prepare the contract drawings and detailed technical specifications to ensure your projects are completed properly in the manner you specify. The bid package will include the bidders proposal broken down as you specify as well as the construction agreement between the owner and contractor.

Coatings Inspection for Owners

Our NACE certified inspectors, Industrial Hygienists and Civil Engineers have worked in the coatings industry for several years. We can oversee your project to ensure the Contractor's complete compliance with the Contract Documents.

SMS Engineering also incorporates a wide range of environmental services for lead abatement contractors including, but not limited to:
  • Lead Health and Safety Plans, Waste Management Plans, Emergency Response Plans, Environmental Ground Protection Plans, etc...
  • High Volume Air Monitoring, Personal Air Monitoring, Baseline Soil Sampling, Testing for the Presence of Lead Paint, etc...
  • Various Other Lead Related Testing
SMS provides a comprehensive service to paint contractors as well as owners. All of your needs can be serviced by one company, minimizing costs and improving coordination between different companies.

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