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SMS Engineering, P.C., New York
Structural Engineering Design

SMS Engineering, P.C.'s engineers perform all of our structural engineering design. Our licenced professional engineers have been performing structural engineering for numerous years. We are registered professional engineers in several states. If we are not licensed in your state, we can easily obtain one for your specific Project. We offer structural engineering services in the following areas:

Structural Engineering Design

We have experience designing structural steel, reinforced concrete, aluminum, masonry and timber related structures and assemblies. Our work has been installed on various types of facilities including, but not limited to, suspension bridges, hi-rise buildings, transit facilities and water tanks. We provide computer generated drawings that will accompany our calculations.

Development of Plans and
Technical Specifications

For any Project involving structural engineering, we can prepare contract drawings and detailed technical specifications to ensure your projects are completed properly in the manner you specify.


We have inspectors and Civil Engineers who have worked in the construction industry for several years. We can oversee your project to ensure the Contractor's complete compliance with the Contract Documents.

Work Platforms

We have designed many types of temporary work platforms and scaffolding systems installed on some of the largest structures in the country. We have also designed cable supported platforms, rigid hanging platform systems, pipe scaffolding and other unique structures. We can analyze the local and global effects of the platform and/or scaffold system on the existing structure. All platforms are designed in strict accordance with OSHA and other federal, state and local regulations pertaining to your project. We use our combined expertise as a Contractor and Engineer to assist our clients in designing a system tailor made for your project that will be efficient and most importantly... cost effective.

Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn, New York
Verrazano Bridge
Brooklyn, New York
Triboro Bridge, New York, New York
Triboro Bridge
New York, New York
Henry Hudson Parkway, New York, New York
Henry Hudson Parkway
New York, New York
New York Botanical Garden Rail Overpass, Bronx, New York
New York Botanical Garden Rail Overpass
Bronx, New York
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